Integrated Simulation of Energetic Particles in Burning Plasmas

Supported by DOE FES & ASCR



Confinement of energetic particles (EP) is a critical issue for burning plasmas since ignition in ITER relies on self-heating by energetic fusion products (a-particles). SciDAC ISEP will develop predictive capability for EP effects on ITER performance by improving physics understanding of EP confinement and EP interactions with burning thermal plasmas through exascale simulations. ISEP center will develop a multiscale and multi-physics ISEP framework for the predictive EP capability and deliver an EP module incorporating both first-principles simulations and high fidelity reduced transport models for future whole device modeling (WDM) project.





FES FY22 Theory Performance Target



Verification and validation of integrated simulation of energetic particles in fusion plasmas,

S. Taimourzadeh et al, Nuclear Fusion 59, 066006 (2019).

GTC weak scaling, Summit acceptance test, W. Joubert